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1976 Race of Champions

1976 Mallory Park Group 8 Race

1976 US West GP
1976 Snetterton Group 8 Race
1976 Mallory Park Group 8 Race
Mallory Park Group 8 Race

Event Overview • SessionsEntry List
Qualifying Qualification
Race ClassificationFastest LapsLaps Led

DateSunday 21 March 1976
Event Mallory Park Group 8 Race
Circuit Mallory Park
Event FormatRace of 50 laps
ChampionshipShellsport International Series
Race number#1 of 13 in 1976
#1 (of all time)
Circuit Perimeter2172 m
Race Distance2172 × 50 = 108.600 km
Grid FormatUnknown
Pole PositionUnknown
First CornerUnknown
Bill Gubelmann (Driver),
Bob Howlings (Driver),
Brian Robinson (Driver),
Chris Featherstone (Driver),
Divina Galica (Driver),
Emilio de Villota (Driver),
John Calvert (Driver),
John Wingfield (Driver),
Livio Panzone (Driver),
Luigi-Mimmo Cevasco (Driver),
Norman Dickson (Driver),
Ray Mallock (Driver),
Richard Scott (Driver),
Roger Springett (Driver),
Val Musetti (Driver),
Dywa (Car Manufacturer),
McRae (Car Manufacturer),
Modus (Car Manufacturer),
Ralt (Car Manufacturer),
Chevron B28 (Car Model),
Chevron B30 (Car Model),
Dywa 75 (Car Model),
Lola T360 (Car Model),
Lola T450 (Car Model),
Lyncar (Car Model),
   March 732 (Car Model),
March 742 (Car Model),
March 752 (Car Model),
McRae GM1 (Car Model),
Modus M3 (Car Model),
Ralt RT1 (Car Model),
707 (Car Number),
Ardmore Racing (Entrant),
Bob Howlings (Entrant),
Brian Robinson (Entrant),
Chris Featherstone (Entrant),
David Price Racing (Entrant),
Dicksons of Perth (Entrant),
Hexagon Racing (Entrant),
Hillcrest Used Cars (Entrant),
Jolly Club SpA (Entrant),
Livio Panzone (Entrant),
Marshall Wingfield (Entrant),
Myson Racing (Entrant),
Richard Oaten Racing (Entrant),
Richard Scott (Entrant),
Roger Heavens Racing (Entrant),
Shellsport/Whiting (Entrant),
Team P.R. Reilly (Entrant),
Mallory Park Group 8 Race (Event)
MilestonesCar 7 – 1st Fastest Lap (Car Number)
Car 7 – 1st Pole Position (Car Number)
Car 7 – 1st Win (Car Number)
Ford – 1st Fastest Lap (Engine Manufacturer)
Ford – 1st Pole Position (Engine Manufacturer)
Ford – 1st Win (Engine Manufacturer)
LEC Refrigeration Racing – 1st Fastest Lap (Entrant)
LEC Refrigeration Racing – 1st Pole Position (Entrant)
LEC Refrigeration Racing – 1st Win (Entrant)
 Chevron – 1st Fastest Lap (Car Manufacturer)
 Chevron – 1st Pole Position (Car Manufacturer)
 Chevron – 1st Win (Car Manufacturer)
 David Purley – 1st Fastest Lap (Driver)
 David Purley – 1st Pole Position (Driver)
 David Purley – 1st Win (Driver)

Shellsport International Series standings
1  David Purley 22 
2  Damien Magee 15 
3 Richard Scott 12 
4 John Wingfield 10 
5 Bill Gubelmann 8 
6  Norman Dickson 6 
7  Divina Galica 4 
8 John Calvert 3 
1  Chevron / Ford 22 
2  March / Ford 15 
3 Modus / Ford 12 
4  Ralt / Ford 10 
5  Surtees / Ford 4 

 WinnerPole PositionFastest Lap
Car NumberCar 7Car 7Car 7
EntrantLEC Refrigeration RacingLEC Refrigeration RacingLEC Refrigeration Racing
Driver David Purley David Purley David Purley
Car Chevron B30 Chevron B30 Chevron B30
EngineFord GAA 3.4 V6Ford GAA 3.4 V6Ford GAA 3.4 V6
Speed-188.870 km/h186.171 km/h