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1950 Monaco GP

1950 Indianapolis 500

1950 Swiss GP
1951 Indianapolis 500
 XXXIV  Indianapolis International Motor Sweepstakes

Event Overview • SessionsEntry List
Qualifying Qualification
Race Starting GridClassificationFastest LapsLaps Led

DateTuesday 30 May 1950
Start time14:00
Event Indianapolis 500
Circuit Indianapolis
Event FormatRace of 200 laps
ChampionshipWorld Championship
Race number#3 of 7 in 1950
#3 (of all time)
Circuit Perimeter4023 m
Race Distance4023 × 200 = 804.600 km (scheduled)
4023 × 138 = 555.174 km (raced)
Grid Format3-3-3-3
Pole PositionLeft
First CornerLeft
Track DirectionAnti-clockwise
WeatherMild, Rain
Bayliss Levrett (Driver),
Bill Cantrell (Driver),
Bill Holland (Driver),
Bill Schindler (Driver),
Cecil Green (Driver),
Dick Rathmann (Driver),
Duane Carter (Driver),
Duke Dinsmore (Driver),
Fred Agabashian (Driver),
Gene Hartley (Driver),
George Connor (Driver),
Henry Banks (Driver),
Jack McGrath (Driver),
Jackie Holmes (Driver),
Jerry Hoyt (Driver),
Jim Rathmann (Driver),
Jimmy Davies (Driver),
Jimmy Jackson (Driver),
Johnnie Parsons (Driver),
Johnny McDowell (Driver),
Joie Chitwood (Driver),
Lee Wallard (Driver),
Mack Hellings (Driver),
Mauri Rose (Driver),
Myron Fohr (Driver),
Pat Flaherty (Driver),
Paul Russo (Driver),
Sam Hanks (Driver),
Spider Webb (Driver),
Tony Bettenhausen (Driver),
Troy Ruttman (Driver),
Walt Ader (Driver),
Walt Brown (Driver),
Walt Faulkner (Driver),
Adams (Car Manufacturer),
Deidt (Car Manufacturer),
Ewing (Car Manufacturer),
Kurtis Kraft (Car Manufacturer),
Langley (Car Manufacturer),
Lesovsky (Car Manufacturer),
Marchese (Car Manufacturer),
Moore (Car Manufacturer),
Nichels (Car Manufacturer),
Olson (Car Manufacturer),
Rae (Car Manufacturer),
Snowberger (Car Manufacturer),
Stevens (Car Manufacturer),
Watson (Car Manufacturer),
Wetteroth (Car Manufacturer),
Cummins (Engine Manufacturer),
Offenhauser (Engine Manufacturer),
Firestone (Tyre Manufacturer),
Adams (Car Model),
Deidt (Car Model),
Ewing (Car Model),
Kurtis Kraft (Car Model),
Kurtis Kraft 2000 (Car Model),
Kurtis Kraft 3000 (Car Model),
Langley (Car Model),
   Lesovsky (Car Model),
Marchese (Car Model),
Maserati 8CTF (Car Model),
Moore (Car Model),
Nichels (Car Model),
Olson (Car Model),
Rae (Car Model),
Snowberger (Car Model),
Stevens (Car Model),
Watson (Car Model),
Wetteroth (Car Model),
7 (Car Number),
22 (Car Number),
27 (Car Number),
31 (Car Number),
45 (Car Number),
49 (Car Number),
54 (Car Number),
55 (Car Number),
59 (Car Number),
61 (Car Number),
62 (Car Number),
67 (Car Number),
69 (Car Number),
75 (Car Number),
76 (Car Number),
77 (Car Number),
81 (Car Number),
98 (Car Number),
A.J. Watson (Entrant),
Bowes Racing Inc (Entrant),
Carl Marchese (Entrant),
Charles Pritchard (Entrant),
Cummins Engine Co (Entrant),
Ervin Wolfe (Entrant),
Grancor Auto Specialists (Entrant),
Howard Keck Co (Entrant),
Indianapolis Race Cars Inc (Entrant),
J.C. Agajanian (Entrant),
Jack B. Hinkle (Entrant),
Joe Langley (Entrant),
John Lorenz (Entrant),
Kurtis Kraft Inc (Entrant),
Lou Moore (Entrant),
Louis Rassey (Entrant),
Ludson D. Morris (Entrant),
M. Pete Wales (Entrant),
M.A. Walker (Entrant),
Milt Marion (Entrant),
Murrell Belanger (Entrant),
Norm Olson (Entrant),
Pat Clancy (Entrant),
Paul Russo & Ray Nichels (Entrant),
R.A. Cott (Entrant),
Richard L. Palmer (Entrant),
Sampson Manufacturing Co (Entrant),
Verlin Brown (Entrant),
Indianapolis 500 (Event),
Indianapolis (Circuit)
MilestonesCar 1 – 1st Fastest Lap (Car Number)
Car 1 – 1st Win (Car Number)
Car 98 – 1st Pole Position (Car Number)
Firestone – 1st Fastest Lap (Tyre Manufacturer)
Firestone – 1st Pole Position (Tyre Manufacturer)
Firestone – 1st Win (Tyre Manufacturer)
J.C. Agajanian – 1st Pole Position (Entrant)
Kurtis Kraft Inc – 1st Fastest Lap (Entrant)
Kurtis Kraft Inc – 1st Win (Entrant)
Offenhauser – 1st Fastest Lap (Engine Manufacturer)
Offenhauser – 1st Pole Position (Engine Manufacturer)
Offenhauser – 1st Win (Engine Manufacturer)
 Johnnie Parsons – 1st Fastest Lap (Driver)
 Johnnie Parsons – 1st Win (Driver)
 Kurtis Kraft – 1st Fastest Lap (Car Manufacturer)
 Kurtis Kraft – 1st Pole Position (Car Manufacturer)
 Kurtis Kraft – 1st Win (Car Manufacturer)
 Walt Faulkner – 1st Pole Position (Driver)
Records Broken
1. Most 5th Place Finishes Kurtis Kraft (2),
2. Most 12th Place Finishes Stevens (1),
3. Most 12th Place Finishes Duane Carter (1),
4. Most 13th Place Finishes Kurtis Kraft (1),
5. Most 13th Place Finishes Mack Hellings (1),
6. Most 14th Place Finishes Kurtis Kraft (1),
7. Most 14th Place Finishes Jack McGrath (1),
8. Most 15th Place Finishes Lesovsky (1),
9. Most 15th Place Finishes Troy Ruttman (1),
10. Most 16th Place Finishes Langley (1),
11. Most 16th Place Finishes Gene Hartley (1),
12. Most 17th Place Finishes Ewing (1),
13. Most 17th Place Finishes Jimmy Davies (1),
14. Most 18th Place Finishes Kurtis Kraft (1),
15. Most 18th Place Finishes Johnny McDowell (1),
16. Most 19th Place Finishes Kurtis Kraft (1),
17. Most 19th Place Finishes Walt Brown (1),
18. Most 20th Place Finishes Maserati (1),
19. Most 20th Place Finishes Spider Webb (1),
20. Most 21st Place Finishes Kurtis Kraft (1),
21. Most 21st Place Finishes Jerry Hoyt (1),
22. Most 22nd Place Finishes Rae (1),
23. Most 22nd Place Finishes Walt Ader (1),
24. Most 23rd Place Finishes Olson (1),
25. Most 23rd Place Finishes Jackie Holmes (1),
26. Most 24th Place Finishes Wetteroth (1),
27. Most 24th Place Finishes Jim Rathmann (1),
28. Most Consecutive Retirements Maserati,  Maserati,  Maserati (3),
29. Highest Drivers' Championship Points Score Ratio Kurtis Kraft (133.33%),
30. Highest Retirement Ratio Adams (200.00%),
31. Highest Retirement Ratio Fred Agabashian (200.00%),
32. Highest Race Win Ratio Johnnie Parsons (100.00%),
33. Highest 2nd Place Finish Ratio Deidt (33.33%),
34. Highest 3rd Place Finish Ratio Deidt (33.33%),
35. Highest 5th Place Finish Ratio Kurtis Kraft (14.29%),
36. Highest 5th Place Finish Ratio Joie Chitwood,  Tony Bettenhausen (100.00%),
37. Highest 6th Place Finish Ratio Moore (100.00%),
38. Highest 7th Place Finish Ratio Walt Faulkner (100.00%),
39. Highest 8th Place Finish Ratio Lesovsky (50.00%),
40. Highest 8th Place Finish Ratio George Connor (100.00%),
41. Highest 9th Place Finish Ratio Nichels (100.00%),
42. Highest 11th Place Finish Ratio Marchese (100.00%),
43. Highest 11th Place Finish Ratio Myron Fohr (100.00%),
44. Highest 12th Place Finish Ratio Stevens (100.00%),
45. Highest 12th Place Finish Ratio Duane Carter (100.00%),
46. Highest 13th Place Finish Ratio Kurtis Kraft (7.14%),
47. Highest 13th Place Finish Ratio Mack Hellings (100.00%),
48. Highest 14th Place Finish Ratio Kurtis Kraft (7.14%),
49. Highest 14th Place Finish Ratio Jack McGrath (100.00%),
50. Highest 15th Place Finish Ratio Lesovsky (50.00%),
51. Highest 15th Place Finish Ratio Troy Ruttman (100.00%),
52. Highest 16th Place Finish Ratio Langley (100.00%),
53. Highest 16th Place Finish Ratio Gene Hartley (100.00%),
54. Highest 17th Place Finish Ratio Ewing (100.00%),
55. Highest 17th Place Finish Ratio Jimmy Davies (100.00%),
56. Highest 18th Place Finish Ratio Kurtis Kraft (7.14%),
57. Highest 18th Place Finish Ratio Johnny McDowell (100.00%),
58. Highest 19th Place Finish Ratio Kurtis Kraft (7.14%),
59. Highest 19th Place Finish Ratio Walt Brown (100.00%),
60. Highest 20th Place Finish Ratio Maserati (7.14%),
61. Highest 20th Place Finish Ratio Spider Webb (100.00%),
62. Highest 21st Place Finish Ratio Kurtis Kraft (7.14%),
63. Highest 21st Place Finish Ratio Jerry Hoyt (100.00%),
64. Highest 22nd Place Finish Ratio Rae (100.00%),
65. Highest 22nd Place Finish Ratio Walt Ader (100.00%),
66. Highest 23rd Place Finish Ratio Olson (100.00%),
67. Highest 23rd Place Finish Ratio Jackie Holmes (100.00%),
68. Highest 24th Place Finish Ratio Wetteroth (100.00%),
69. Highest 24th Place Finish Ratio Jim Rathmann (100.00%),
70. Most 5th Place Finishes in a Season Kurtis Kraft (2),
71. Most 12th Place Finishes in a Season Stevens (1),
72. Most 12th Place Finishes in a Season Duane Carter (1),
73. Most 13th Place Finishes in a Season Kurtis Kraft (1),
   74. Most 13th Place Finishes in a Season Mack Hellings (1),
75. Most 14th Place Finishes in a Season Kurtis Kraft (1),
76. Most 14th Place Finishes in a Season Jack McGrath (1),
77. Most 15th Place Finishes in a Season Lesovsky (1),
78. Most 15th Place Finishes in a Season Troy Ruttman (1),
79. Most 16th Place Finishes in a Season Langley (1),
80. Most 16th Place Finishes in a Season Gene Hartley (1),
81. Most 17th Place Finishes in a Season Ewing (1),
82. Most 17th Place Finishes in a Season Jimmy Davies (1),
83. Most 18th Place Finishes in a Season Kurtis Kraft (1),
84. Most 18th Place Finishes in a Season Johnny McDowell (1),
85. Most 19th Place Finishes in a Season Kurtis Kraft (1),
86. Most 19th Place Finishes in a Season Walt Brown (1),
87. Most 20th Place Finishes in a Season Maserati (1),
88. Most 20th Place Finishes in a Season Spider Webb (1),
89. Most 21st Place Finishes in a Season Kurtis Kraft (1),
90. Most 21st Place Finishes in a Season Jerry Hoyt (1),
91. Most 22nd Place Finishes in a Season Rae (1),
92. Most 22nd Place Finishes in a Season Walt Ader (1),
93. Most 23rd Place Finishes in a Season Olson (1),
94. Most 23rd Place Finishes in a Season Jackie Holmes (1),
95. Most 24th Place Finishes in a Season Wetteroth (1),
96. Most 24th Place Finishes in a Season Jim Rathmann (1),
97. Most Laps Led Johnnie Parsons (115),
98. Most Race Entries Kurtis Kraft,  Maserati (14),
99. Most 22nd Place Qualifications Snowberger (1),
100. Most 22nd Place Qualifications Bill Schindler (1),
101. Most 23rd Place Qualifications Moore (1),
102. Most 23rd Place Qualifications Lee Wallard (1),
103. Most 24th Place Qualifications Lesovsky (1),
104. Most 24th Place Qualifications Troy Ruttman (1),
105. Most 25th Place Qualifications Kurtis Kraft (1),
106. Most 25th Place Qualifications Sam Hanks (1),
107. Most 26th Place Qualifications Kurtis Kraft (1),
108. Most 26th Place Qualifications Mack Hellings (1),
109. Most 27th Place Qualifications Ewing (1),
110. Most 27th Place Qualifications Jimmy Davies (1),
111. Most 28th Place Qualifications Wetteroth (1),
112. Most 28th Place Qualifications Jim Rathmann (1),
113. Most 29th Place Qualifications Rae (1),
114. Most 29th Place Qualifications Walt Ader (1),
115. Most 30th Place Qualifications Olson (1),
116. Most 30th Place Qualifications Jackie Holmes (1),
117. Most 31st Place Qualifications Langley (1),
118. Most 31st Place Qualifications Gene Hartley (1),
119. Most 32nd Place Qualifications Kurtis Kraft (1),
120. Most 32nd Place Qualifications Jimmy Jackson (1),
121. Most 33rd Place Qualifications Kurtis Kraft (1),
122. Most 33rd Place Qualifications Johnny McDowell (1),
123. Most 22nd Place Qualifications in a Season Snowberger (1),
124. Most 22nd Place Qualifications in a Season Bill Schindler (1),
125. Most 23rd Place Qualifications in a Season Moore (1),
126. Most 23rd Place Qualifications in a Season Lee Wallard (1),
127. Most 24th Place Qualifications in a Season Lesovsky (1),
128. Most 24th Place Qualifications in a Season Troy Ruttman (1),
129. Most 25th Place Qualifications in a Season Kurtis Kraft (1),
130. Most 25th Place Qualifications in a Season Sam Hanks (1),
131. Most 26th Place Qualifications in a Season Kurtis Kraft (1),
132. Most 26th Place Qualifications in a Season Mack Hellings (1),
133. Most 27th Place Qualifications in a Season Ewing (1),
134. Most 27th Place Qualifications in a Season Jimmy Davies (1),
135. Most 28th Place Qualifications in a Season Wetteroth (1),
136. Most 28th Place Qualifications in a Season Jim Rathmann (1),
137. Most 29th Place Qualifications in a Season Rae (1),
138. Most 29th Place Qualifications in a Season Walt Ader (1),
139. Most 30th Place Qualifications in a Season Olson (1),
140. Most 30th Place Qualifications in a Season Jackie Holmes (1),
141. Most 31st Place Qualifications in a Season Langley (1),
142. Most 31st Place Qualifications in a Season Gene Hartley (1),
143. Most 32nd Place Qualifications in a Season Kurtis Kraft (1),
144. Most 32nd Place Qualifications in a Season Jimmy Jackson (1),
145. Most 33rd Place Qualifications in a Season Kurtis Kraft (1),
146. Most 33rd Place Qualifications in a Season Johnny McDowell (1)
Records Extended 1. Most Retirements Maserati (9),
2. Most Retirements in a Season Maserati (9)

World Championship standings
1  Nino Farina 9 
  Juan Manuel Fangio 9 
  Johnnie Parsons 9 
4  Alberto Ascari 6 up
  Luigi Fagioli 6 up
  Bill Holland 6 
7  Mauri Rose 4 
  Louis Chiron 4 up
  Reg Parnell 4 up
10  Raymond Sommer 3 up
  Yves Giraud-Cabantous 3 up
  Cecil Green 3 
13  Louis Rosier 2 up
  Prince Bira 2 up
15  Joie Chitwood 1 
  Tony Bettenhausen 1 
1  Alfa Romeo / Alfa Romeo 32 
2  Ferrari / Ferrari 18 
3  Talbot-Lago / Talbot 14 
4  Maserati / Maserati 7 
5  Simca-Gordini / Simca-Gordini 3 

 WinnerPole PositionFastest Lap
Car NumberCar 1Car 98Car 1
EntrantKurtis Kraft IncJ.C. AgajanianKurtis Kraft Inc
Driver Johnnie Parsons Walt Faulkner Johnnie Parsons
Car Kurtis Kraft Kurtis Kraft 2000 Kurtis Kraft
EngineOffenhauser 4.5 L4Offenhauser 4.5 L4Offenhauser 4.5 L4
Speed199.544 km/h216.185 km/h207.579 km/h