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1957 Moroccan GP
1957 Italian GP
1957 Argentine GP

1958 Argentine GP

1958 Glover Trophy
1958 Monaco GP
1960 Argentine GP
 VI  Gran Premio de la Republica Argentina

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Qualifying Qualification
Race Starting GridClassificationFastest LapsLaps Led

DateSunday 19 January 1958
Start time14:00
Event Argentine GP
Circuit Buenos Aires
Event FormatRace of 80 laps
ChampionshipWorld Championship
Race number#1 of 11 in 1958
#65 (of all time)
Circuit Perimeter3912 m
Race Distance3912 × 80 = 312.960 km
Grid Format4-3-4-3
Pole PositionRight
First CornerRight
Track DirectionClockwise
WeatherSunny, Mild, Dry
Ferrari 246 (Car Model),
Ken Kavanagh (Entrant),
   Scuderia Sud Americana (Entrant)
MilestonesClimax – 1st Win (Engine Manufacturer)
Pirelli – 50th Fastest Lap (Tyre Manufacturer)
R.R.C. Walker Racing Team – 1st Win (Entrant)
Scuderia Sud Americana – 1st Fastest Lap (Entrant)
Scuderia Sud Americana – 1st Pole Position (Entrant)
 Cooper – 1st Win (Car Manufacturer)
Records Broken 1. Most Constructors' Championship Points Scores Ferrari,  Maserati (2),
2. Most Constructors' Championship Points Scores Jean Behra,  Juan Manuel Fangio,  Luigi Musso,  Mike Hawthorn,  Stirling Moss (1),
3. Highest Constructors' Championship Points Score Ratio Ferrari,  Maserati,  Cooper (100.00%),
4. Highest Constructors' Championship Points Score Ratio Jean Behra,  Juan Manuel Fangio,  Luigi Musso,  Mike Hawthorn,  Stirling Moss (100.00%),
5. Most Constructors' Championship Points Scores in a Season Ferrari,  Maserati (2),
6. Most Constructors' Championship Points Scores in a Season Jean Behra,  Juan Manuel Fangio,  Luigi Musso,  Mike Hawthorn,  Stirling Moss (1)
Records Extended 1. Most Podium Finishes Ferrari (96),
2. Most Drivers' Championship Points Scores Ferrari (134),
3. Most Drivers' Championship Points Scores Juan Manuel Fangio (43),
4. Most 2nd Place Finishes Ferrari (42),
5. Most 3rd Place Finishes Ferrari (28),
6. Most 5th Place Finishes Maserati (24),
7. Most 6th Place Finishes Maserati (21),
8. Most 7th Place Finishes Maserati (22),
9. Most 9th Place Finishes Maserati (12),
10. Most Fastest Laps Juan Manuel Fangio (23),
11. Most Races Led Ferrari (56),
12. Most Races Led Juan Manuel Fangio (39),
13. Most Laps Led Ferrari (1545),
14. Most Laps Led Juan Manuel Fangio (1348),
15. Most Race Entries Maserati (346),
16. Most Race Entries Juan Manuel Fangio (51),
17. Most Poles Juan Manuel Fangio (29),
18. Most 2nd Place Qualifications Ferrari (24),
19. Most 3rd Place Qualifications Ferrari (28),
20. Most 4th Place Qualifications Jean Behra (7),
21. Most 5th Place Qualifications Ferrari (25),
22. Most 8th Place Qualifications Maserati (19),
23. Most 9th Place Qualifications Maserati (17),
24. Most 10th Place Qualifications Maserati (17)

World Championship standings
1  Stirling Moss 8 
2  Luigi Musso 6 
3  Mike Hawthorn 4 
4  Juan Manuel Fangio 4 
5  Jean Behra 2 
1  Cooper / Climax 8 
2  Ferrari / Ferrari 6 
3  Maserati / Maserati 3 

 WinnerPole PositionFastest Lap
Car NumberCar 14Car 2Car 2
EntrantR.R.C. Walker Racing TeamScuderia Sud AmericanaScuderia Sud Americana
Driver Stirling Moss Juan Manuel Fangio Juan Manuel Fangio
Car Cooper T43 Maserati 250F Maserati 250F
EngineClimax 2.0 L4Maserati 2.5 L6Maserati 2.5 L6
Speed134.547 km/h138.071 km/h138.342 km/h