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1990 United States GP

1991 United States GP

1991 Brazilian GP
2000 United States GP
 XXVIII  Iceberg United States Grand Prix

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Qualifying Pre-QualifyingQualification
Race Starting GridClassificationFastest LapsLaps Led

DateSunday 10 March 1991
Start time14:00
Event United States GP
Circuit Phoenix
Event FormatRace of 82 laps
ChampionshipWorld Championship
Race number#1 of 16 in 1991
#501 (of all time)
Circuit Perimeter3721 m
Race Distance3721 × 82 = 305.122 km (scheduled)
3721 × 81 = 301.401 km (raced)
Grid Format2-2-2-2 (staggered)
Pole PositionRight
First CornerRight
Track DirectionAnti-clockwise
WeatherCloudy, Mild, Dry
Eric van de Poele (Driver),
Mark Blundell (Driver),
Mika Häkkinen (Driver),
Pedro Matos Chaves (Driver),
Érik Comas (Driver),
Fondmetal (Car Manufacturer),
Footwork (Car Manufacturer),
Jordan (Car Manufacturer),
Lambo (Car Manufacturer),
Ilmor (Engine Manufacturer),
AGS JH25B (Car Model),
Benetton B190B (Car Model),
Brabham BT59Y (Car Model),
Coloni C4 (Car Model),
Dallara BMS-191 (Car Model),
Ferrari F1-91 (Car Model),
Fondmetal FA1ME (Car Model),
Footwork A11C (Car Model),
   Jordan 191 (Car Model),
Lambo 291 (Car Model),
Leyton House CG911 (Car Model),
Ligier JS35 (Car Model),
Lola LC91 (Car Model),
Lotus 102B (Car Model),
McLaren MP4/6 (Car Model),
Minardi M191 (Car Model),
Tyrrell 020 (Car Model),
Williams FW14 (Car Model),
Braun Tyrrell Honda (Entrant),
Camel Benetton Ford (Entrant),
Coloni Racing Srl (Entrant),
Fondmetal F1 SpA (Entrant),
Footwork Grand Prix International (Entrant),
Larrousse F1 (Entrant),
Modena Team SpA (Entrant),
Team 7Up Jordan (Entrant)
MilestonesLamborghini – 100th Race Entry (Engine Manufacturer)
 Gerhard Berger – 100th Race Entry (Driver)
 Jean Alesi – 1st Fastest Lap (Driver)
 Stefano Modena – 50th Race Entry (Driver)
Records Broken None
Records Extended 1. Most Drivers' Championship Points Scores Ferrari (552),
2. Most Constructors' Championship Points Scores Ferrari (420),
3. Most Retirements Lotus (529),
4. Most Podium Finishes Ferrari (356),
5. Most Drivers' Championship Points Scores Alain Prost (109),
6. Most Constructors' Championship Points Scores Alain Prost (109),
7. Most Podium Finishes Alain Prost (90),
8. Most Retirements Riccardo Patrese (116),
9. Most 2nd Place Finishes Ferrari (140),
10. Most 2nd Place Finishes Alain Prost (30),
11. Most Fastest Laps Ferrari (120),
12. Most Race Entries Lotus (1206),
13. Most Race Entries Riccardo Patrese (210),
14. Most Poles Ayrton Senna (53),
15. Most 2nd Place Qualifications Ferrari (114),
16. Most 2nd Place Qualifications Alain Prost (48),
17. Most 6th Place Qualifications Ferrari (92),
18. Most 13th Place Qualifications Lotus (58)

World Championship standings
1  Ayrton Senna 10 
2  Alain Prost 6 
3  Nélson Piquet 4 
4  Stefano Modena 3 
5  Satoru Nakajima 2 
6  Aguri Suzuki 1 
1  McLaren / Honda 10 
2  Ferrari / Ferrari 6 
3  Tyrrell / Honda 5 
4  Benetton / Ford 4 
5  Lola / Ford 1 

 WinnerPole PositionFastest Lap
Car NumberCar 1Car 1Car 28
EntrantHonda Marlboro McLarenHonda Marlboro McLarenScuderia Ferrari SpA
Driver Ayrton Senna Ayrton Senna Jean Alesi
Car McLaren MP4/6 McLaren MP4/6 Ferrari F1-91
EngineHonda 3.5 V12Honda 3.5 V12Ferrari 3.5 V12
Speed149.706 km/h164.496 km/h154.402 km/h